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Tru-Stride Stilts and PC Stilts are designed to take the strain out of you reaching those hard to get places. There is no need for expensive scaffolding and you don't even need to go and get a ladder. Here is a product so wonderful, you will wonder how you have ever lived without it.

Strong, Tough and built to last

Tru-Stride Stilts and PC Stilts make plastering and ceiling work so simple.
Adjustable legs for added comfort.
Adjustable padded calf brace.
Secures at the foot and calf.
Inbuilt shock absorbers with dual spring action.
Full instructions included.
Eliminates the need for ladders.

All of our products conform to European safety standards.

Special Offer Free Worldwide Delivery

We offer FREE delivery of Tru-Stride and PC Stilts all over the world. For UK and Scotland we offer FREE next day delivery. Delivery of Tru-Stride Stilts / PC Stilts takes approximately 5 working days for overseas countries.

See Tru-Stride Stilts working in the same way your foot does...

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